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Question about turbos


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I'd be happy with about 300bhp for now when I got my car it was boosting at 20psi becouse of a bust hose, now I have fix that it boost at 10 psi and just feels a little flat, it don't have any kick anymore, couple of people who have nosey ed at my car have said , not bad but it's only got a baby turbo on you need to stick a bigger 1 on like a sti, so it got me wondering if it would be a straight swap or would I need to fit a sti exhaust or wrx, would my induction pipe need changing, stuff like that, would the extra bhp I got be worth the extra cost?

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Get exhaust first then turbo and remap mate otherwise you will need to map again ideally

yeah matt its my top priority after the xmas hols, this may be a daft question but I guess a 3inch pipe is better then the 2.5inch pipe, and they both will fit my current and new turbo
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