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JDM rear diff for STi


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Sorry i can't help much, I couldn't tell you what diff the sti fozzies have , iv'e only ever seen 1 in the flesh (fairly rare over here I think ) maybe one of the foz fellas will know .

If not I'd try googling the gearbox ty number (white sticker on the bellhousing) to find the box/diff ratio and maybe a bit more info on your set up .

ratio /type will both be a 3 digit number possibly

r180 type

3.44 ratio

If enough info can't be found try cross referencing a few impreza sti diff/gearbox components (shafts, seals, hubs ect) to see how many differences there are .

hopefully it will be the same as the rest of the fozzies and use the same engine , box and drivetrain as the same version impreza

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