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How to turn off TPMS warning sign on dashboard?


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I bought new studded winter tires and they aren't equipped with TPMS sensors. In Sweden the importer is required to deliver a new car with TPMS, but the car owner are allowed to buy tires without TPMS, and many do buy without as the sensors cost appr. 80 euro/tyre.


The question is if its possible to turn off the warning sign that appears on the dashboard?

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If the light cannot be switched off, or disconnected safely (remember to reconnect when original tyres put back on), you might have to resort to the time honoured method, and put a small piece of dark tape over the light, to hide it. If light bright, you might need more than one layer. Does not look very nice, but does the trick.

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Not sure you can turn it off, you can reset it if you have new tyres fitted. its in the menus somewhere, but don't think there's an off option. might be  a fuse you can pull, best bet would be to speak to the dealers


you can try this method if you're feeling adventurous which is for the WRX hatch, but something similar would work on the XV dash I imagine



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