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Newbie here Need Help!?

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Hey guys I've had a 06 Impreza 4WD Sports Wagon 1.5L for a while now and I have got bored of it even though its mainly for work, I needed to know what engines that anyone knows of that will fit into that chassis. It doesn't have to be a Subaru Engine, but I need something bigger and better but still Japanese and what mods will I have to do to make it a snug fit. Cheers Jordan

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Wotcha and welcome - you may well be able to drop a 2.0 or 2.5 flat four straight in but I would need to see pictures of your engine bay to get a better idea, however in the long run given all the additional changes you would have to make as well to handle the power it might be better to sell it and buy a more powerful model to start with that has the chassis setup to match

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