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Hello Mate, bet you cant wait can you. The garage took the full exhaust system off as the turbo kept back sputtering by all accounts with the full motec exhaust, thinks its just the backbox motec system which sounds absolutely cracking much better than the standard car so id recommend that. its also got the full lowered body kit which I think finishes the car off nicely. a real head turner. in all my years of having nice cars, even my old impreza and a CLK cab, I've never had people coming up and saying what a cracking looking car before, I don't think I could wait until march for mine hahahahaaaa. performance is great and handles like its on rails, and that's on the cold damp icy roads so cant wait till it warms up a bit. i've already had a 911 wanting a race but I had 5 up so deft it, lol. only downside, its friggin thirsty, lol, I recon its doing 20 to the gallon at the moment but then again I have a heavy foot which you just cant help....speakers could be better, mine has the Panasonic sat nav system  and I was told it make s a better sound than the standard Stereo but the speakers are a bit tinny if i'm honest.  all in all very happy, will keep you informed if any changes....

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