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New to club and in need of help please


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Morning All, just need a little advice please, looking at trading my 05 golf which ive had since brand new for a Legacy sports tourer  D RE 09 with 67,000 miles it has full Subaru service History. I took the car for a test drive Saturday felt very nice except for the gear change in to 3rd was very crunchy if that's the correct word? Now reading on here and other places there can be a lot of problems with the legacy's gear boxes does this sound like a gear box problem or just me not being used to the different clutch?

I have never driven a Legacy before. The clutch biteing point felt very low too is this normall?


Thanks in advance Daz




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Morning Daz. Welcome to the club!

If you've test driven the car and you're only finding 3rd gear crunchy then I'd say there is a specific problem within the gearbox for that gear. If it was every gear it could possibly be clutch.

Hope this helps.

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Cheers scoobyGhost,

I will have a chat with the garage were I'm suppose to be buying it from. The car only comes with 6months warranty. Just real nervous that the clutch/gearbox goes soon as the warranty's up.

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