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Foggy Headlights on My blob


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Hello all, 


I love to keep my car in the best condition I can get it in but there is one thing that's bugging me!


My headlights are cloudy :( I want them to be uber shiny like the rest of my car. 


I have tried toothpaste with no luck and I have even tried 5000 Grit sand paper 


Any ideas? 

or do I bight the bullet and by a new set?


(Excuse the rain, you can get some idea from the picture though)


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Well after much trial and error i got some new lights sorted and eventually got them wired in, set the angel eyes as day time running lights :) and the top 3 LEDs on my fog  lights, as I don't have front fogs 


I really love the transformation from the old scuft lights :D worth the stress of fitting, also got chrome indicators to keep it looking clean

(my hands froze doing this in snow!)


(angel eyes


In the dark, not the best representation of how they look but still


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I was about to post and say that I bought my impreza when the headlights were cloudy but manage to de-cloudify them with some abrasive solution and a buffing tool! Turned out great, but those headlights looks really smart!

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