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Right I'm new to subaru's having always owned old fast fords! Any way I've picked up an early jdm wrx Classic that's had a body kit fitted sometime in the past, I've removed the kit from the bumpers but when I removed the side skirts there's factory holes in the sills now I'm after a more original look so was wondering what I need to be looking for as a replacement

I also want to lose the wheels and fit a bigger spoiler but again there's so many versions on eBay I'm unshaw what I need??


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The early classics had black plastic side skirts and rear bumper "hockey sticks"

It would've looked a bit like mine apart from the front splitter and face lift bonnet, lights and grill .

Yours looks like a v1 /v2 93/95 .

So look out for preface v1 /v2 stuff .

Pic with silver wheels is standard v1 94 preface .

Pic with black wheels has got v3/v4 bonnet , lights and grill and p1 splitter all of which are standard subaru stuff just from a slightly later model



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