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dynamics control system


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I wonder if someone can help me I am not sure how to use the Vehicle dynamics control system is it only for offroad or snow and when to use it and can you switch it on when car is moving the manual is not to clear my car is 2011 forester.When the wife was out in the snow going round a roundabout the car wanted to go into next lane did not want follow round in the right lane.

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For driving on roads in any conditions I'd leave vdc system active.

The only time you might want to turn it off is on a very slippy/gravelly steep hill when the wheels will slip, this is because the engine will try to stop the wheels slipping but cutting engine revs. But generally unless you're looking to do power slides you're best leaving it on. The car should straighten itself out if you slide.

When your wife slid in the snow was that with it on or off? If it was off then you would drift into the outer lane, if it was in you shouldn't it should detect the slide and steer the car where you want to go

As I understand you can switch the system on and off at will, it doesn't matter when you turn it off as its an electronic system not a mechanical like a diff lock. but unless your doing serious off road or racing etc you should never need it off.

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