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Strange Sigma Alarm Fault?


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Yesterday morning and also this morning my WRX sigma alarm has starting chirruping whilst i am driving to work,it started after about 15 mins of driving and seems to be almost like a morse code signal that lasts for around 8 seconds,then there's a gap of about 3 mins and it doe's it again,i think but am not sure it doe's the same sequence of beeps every time,when i got to work this morning i popped the bonnet for a quick scan of the engine and it did it whilst it was idling,very strange.On the way home it seems fine,it is  -20C here in Sweden at the moment,i wonder if the intense cold is affecting the electrics in anyway? I've already been through the weeping fuel pipes at the injectors syndrome which apparently Subaru in the USA recalled all WRX's for in the upper 16 states which are the coldest and i have to put the tiny little Battery on charge every night or come morning it won't start,i don't think my English scooby is too impressed with Sweden!

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