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What size in mm is oil breather line / crank case ventilation lines :-)

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Building a custom oil catch can as amount of oil in my inlet is alot :-) just need to know sizes of pipes as no companies want to say as they charge 200 plus for a breather kit and I can do my own for like 20 lol looking at silicone hosing , help me !!!!!!

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My classic ones were 15 mm I/d I bought 3mtrs of "Ash" silicone hose,15 mm o/d 'T' piece and a 2 port eBay catch can .

I 'T'd the cam breathers together for one port and ran the crank breather to the other port .

It might pay to buy some elbows to allow you to run the pipes in the direction you need in your bay cos the ash hoses are quite stiff and not very bendy

Cost about £60 all in to do my classic but check the diameter of the passenger cam breather on yours to make sure there's not a size difference .

Here's a pic of mine to show the breather location and the stiff blue ash hoses


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Cheers nevell

Mine vents to atmosphere via a filter on top as I couldn't be arsed to plumb in a return to sump plus baffled cans that return to sump set ups are expensive (think my eBay can was £30 ish) so I just keep a eye on both the can and my engine oil levels .

Only issue I've had with the position of my can is I sometimes get a slight wiff of oil as its close to the air intake for the heater/blower .

I might run the vent line down the gearbox tunnel at a later date


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