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Exhaust swap


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Just a quick question.

I'm thinking of putting a stainless cat back system on my 2009 WRX-S. It's going to be a resonated one as I don't want it really loud.

Only other mod is a pro R air filter. Would I need to get the ecu re-mapped, or would it be ok.

I'd like to get it mapped some time in the future, but wanted to do the exhaust sooner if it doesn't affect it much.

Any thoughts or experiences welcome.

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you should be fine with those mods without the map but it would be a good idea to get it sorted in the future as it sets everything up, you might want to consider an uprated fuel pump from RCM etc make sure you have a good pressure to cope with any increase in demand caused by the map 

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fuel pumps like most things wear out and get over looked - as part of some early subaru PPP upgrades they come with the kit so worth considering to ensure consistent pressure

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