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P0327 Subaru - Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Low Input Bank 1 Or Single Sensor


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Hi All,


Hoping someone can help with a bit more knowledge than me :)


Car has been running fine. I washed it today (not engine bay) and when I went to start it a few hours later the engine light came on. When I stuck me reader in I got P0327. 


I've been reading up and people have been saying it's either a short or failed knock sensor. So doesn't sound serious to me  :wacko:  


Was planning on driving my usual 100 mile round trip to work tomorrow. Is it safe to do so?





The P0327 code means that the Knock Sensor is not working properly. Problems with the knock sensor will not cause an engine performance problems. Replacing knock sensor usually fixes the problem.

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Thanks for the reply Stants.


All the things I've read have said it's either a problem with the wiring or the sensor itself...one article I read made a point of saying the code definitely doesn't mean the engine is knocking. So I'm thinking it probably won't stick it in safe mode...I don't know this for sure :) It feels fine..although perhaps...perhaps a little rough at start up...not sure if that is me looking for problems.


I did wash the car today which included spraying the underside to wash off any salt. I initially thought perhaps it splashed the sensor....I read it was behind the alternator and it looks bone dry behind there...although no idea if I was actually looking at the sensor :wacko:    

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Yeah I reckon you'll be fine just don't go driving like a madman ipc usually have sensors instock, they are a little more than generic ones but I'd rather pay extra for peace of mind and a guarantee that it will work for longer than six months lol

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