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Hawkeye wagon lowering..

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Hello I'm new just singed up.

Got a 55 plate 2006 wagon, non turbo.

Wanting to lower, prefer coilovers.

Having trouble sourcing correct ones, any help would be great as I'm new to Subaru's in general.


So far I have asked a couple of companies but not much help.

Ideally budget coilovers, but not the Chinese plastic ones.

Read that importing from the USA actually works out ok, just not sure what my specific type calls for.


As said its a 2006 on 55 reg Sport R, non turbo.

Thanks in advance.

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Wotcha and welcome


Fitting cheap coilovers may drop the car but could impact the ride too much due to the aggressive / agricultural damping design.


have you thought about fitting lowering springs whilst retaining the original Subaru shocks?


have a word with these chaps




or Tein option



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Thanks for the reply and pointing those out jay.

Reason I said prefer coilovers was just for height, as I prefer to go lower than most without being on the floor though.

The lowering springs are a good option for sure, those teins are a lot cheaper than the eibach?

Are there any half decent coilovers at under £500 at all?


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IMO for that price look for good used options eBay, breakers etc as the quality will just not be there or wait and budget for around £700


these BC's give some damping options but I have never used them as a product so cannot comment on the ride quality




and here with some optional adjustment




and the actual website gives an extra low option on the RA



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not used Apex myself however the damper shouldn't suffer too much as it is there mostly to stop the spring oscillating over the bumps. Running lower just means it is part way through its damping travel already

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