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Will This get Through MOT?

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Hi all,

I have my MOT coming up (expires on 3rd March), and was wondering a few things...

My passenger front wheel looks like this: post-3486-142462432891_thumb.jpg

It holds air perfectly fine, and before I noticed it, would be fine at high speed too! Is this likely to get through an MOT, or am I best getting it repaired ASAP?

Also, my front number plate is a shorter width than standard, and i've been told I need to get a standard sized one with the safety mark and makers' postcode- I have already bought this ready for MOT day, but will I need to get a rear one too? (My current rear is correct size but has no safety mark or makers postcode)

Sorry about all the questions, but thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

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I doubt the wheel will pass as it's knackered lol.

Number plate depends on your tester is I'll post up a pic of a fail and pass plate together see if you can spot the difference.

If your concerned just swap the smaller one for the right size and change back after it passes

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Haha fair enough, I had one that was put on the car when it was imported passed for 5 years on same plate, sixth year I got a fail as the gap in the lettering was 2mm to small. Tossers !

Yeah mate I'd get the wheel sorted ASAP could be stressing it in places that could cause a premature fail

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Hi guys! Just a bit of an update: Got the wheel fixed as advised and car flew through the MOT on Tuesday...

Bar an advisory 'slight play in NSF wheel bearing'- I have no doubt that this was caused by the unbalancing of the buckled wheel, so i've learned my lesson: wheel damage can cost more than the repair of the wheel if not dealt with swiftly!

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