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Wind Deflectors


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Think dealer only real option on frameless window foresters.

front & rear kit is heading towards £200 I think, they are very good fit & quality though.

Try more than one dealer as some will be cheaper ecspecially if got some stuck in stock & want clear them.

I have some on my old SF & they not bad . Don't see many SF or SG's with them though .

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Not sure where mine came from as there's a receipt for supply and fit from autolink in Southampton. Mine are one piece items,

May I ask why your looking to get some ? If it's to stop the wind noise speaking from experience they don't work, it's a design fault if you ask me, the wind comes in through the wing mirror cowl makes a right racket

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Thanks Guys -


I checked with my local dealer, and they are priced at £145 - lot of money for a couple of bits of plastic!


Looks like the sunroof part open might work, will have to try it.


As for the reason - SWMBO has a nicotine habit! Oh well, anything for peace!

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