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Rear Wiper Blade


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I have PIAA wipers. Cost me about 50 quid, but they are very very good. - http://www.piaa.co.uk/wipers/wipers.asp


IIf you dont use RainX already, then you really should. Imagine it was wax for your windows, the water beads and just runs off. Great Stuff. - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rain-X-80199200-Repellent/dp/B001RAJ1ZM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425580782&sr=8-1&keywords=rain+x

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I use these aero vu blades & have done for almost 3yrs without issue.

Better than blades from local motorfactors & parts store that 3x the price.

front set SF SG


rear blade (15" can work on both SF & SG)


Front & rear set SF


Front & rear set SG



SF to SG >2008 are all same blade fitting & size front

driver 21"

passenger 19"

rear 15" for SF  14" for SG (if specific fit)


Only had one complaint over winter (fit loads of them) & that was because clip for hook had broke, do believe probably due to wiper frozen to screen but easy fixed .

I use the aero's on front & the totally flat back blade 15" for rears.

The rear wipes far better being a spring steel blade , looks better plus does not collect 5hit & snow like standard blades

Even my MOT garage started stocking these after my customer cars going in with them over the 5hit they been using from motorfactors.

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