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Temporary insurance


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Hi all 

who does temporary insurance i have tried everyone but no one does it, states unable to provide a quote


i have tried 


insure for a day 

weekly insurance 

sky insurance 

A plan insurance 

performance  direct 

Keith Micheals/ temp cover.com

For some reason no one states why, and it appears to be online only 

Thanks all 

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I want it so I can drive the car back after I have bought it and brought it to the clinic

My policy runs out on the 23rd of this month.

My fully comp insurance covers me as long as I don't own the car, but now that I have purchased it i want to drive it

Remember you need to buy road tax before you drive it off.
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Some insurance brokers will write a cover note for a month in anticipation and agreement that you will honour an insurance commitment with them.


Thanks i called them and told them that my old car was sold and that i would need to wait 14 days before getting insurance, they were cool with it, they said they would start the policy today, and give me 14 days to send in the no claims bonus cert. 



Remember you need to buy road tax before you drive it off.

The dealer states that's its been taxed till Jan 2016, i found out that he took the car in a part exchange so the previous owner said that he put a years worth of tax on it.


Vehicle enquiry
Registration number: DG06 OXB
✔ Taxed

Tax due: 01 January 2016


Expires: 11 August 2015

New keepers must get tax before using the vehicle. Please be aware that if you have taxed, made a SORN or had an MOT in the last 5 days these details may not have updated.

Vehicle details
  • 6 month rate £266.75
  • 12 month rate £485.00
  • 6 monthly by direct debit totalling£254.63
  • 12 monthly by direct debit totalling£485.00
  • Monthly by direct debit totalling£509.25 (Monthly payment of approximately £42.44)
  • Vehicle make SUBARU
  • Date of first registration 12 May 2006
  • Year of manufacture 2006
  • Cylinder capacity (cc) 2457cc
  • CO₂Emissions 244 g/km
  • Fuel type PETROL
  • Export marker No
  • Vehicle status Tax not due
  • Vehicle colour BLUE
  • Vehicle type approval M1
  • Wheelplan 2 AXLE RIGID BODY
  • Revenue weight 1860kg


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So that means i miss out on the vehicle tax ?

I only paid what i paid for the car because i was told that the car came with a years tax !

So how do i buy tax i had a look at the DVLA website and cant find a link 

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