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New Impreza owner from Cheshire


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Hi All

This is my first Subaru, I have purchased it to run around in at the weekends and to just keep clean and enjoy.

It's a 2 owner turbo 2000 which is completely standard and it interested me with its huge maintenance folder and with it being a 1997 model facelift bonnet, old bumper and old dash.

It's in excellent condition and drives great with plenty of power, I had to drive it 240 miles home last night and it didn't miss a beat.

I do have a few questions, but I'll get to those in good time


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I have 16 standard wheels on. I may just have my wheels painted and keep standard size. Was looking at 17 but not sure I'll really notice it.

First thing I done was cambelt water pump and full service. Have a look on importcarparts.co.UK for parts as they're very cheap. £12.50 for air/oil/fuel filters as a bundle. Opie Oils are spot on for oil. Really good company. Good prices and full of great advice.

Likewise the forum is full of knowledgable people. Most more than I [emoji38] I just hang on to the apron strings.

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