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Lifting a Forester

Forester Sump

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OK I have seen and heard lots about lowering your forester but can you lift them an inch or two to gain better ground clearance. I want to lift mine due to the work that it will be doing. Also whilst towing my twin axle trailer I have notice that it isn't sitting flat.


 Ta Andy.


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does it only do it under load ? If so the springs may be old, mine came with spring assistors in to help, if you have the self leveling units in the rear they could be on the way out,

Pedders do a lifting kit gives about 2" i think, new shocks and springs all round, may be worth looking at www.forester.org

The guys in the states have loads of info on it, you can also change the subframe spacer blocks to give more room but it's a big job

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I'm not entirely sure mate, im guessing one of the fozzie guys may be able to help. But as you are in Sheffield I'd give Sheffield Subaru Services a call. Martin n Dave are top blokes n would probably be able to point you in the right direction :)

Going to see them on Monday night after work regards some other stuff. Thanks for the reply. 

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Simplest way is 1" spacers on top hats & either add to that with 1" springs (king springs or custom from springcoil,co.uk) or add slightly bigger tyres such as 215 over 205 or 75 profile over 70

Spacer & tyres gets about 1.25 to 1.75 inch lift

Spacer & spring gets 2.0 inch lift

Spacer spring & tyres gets you 2.25 to 2.75 inch lift

** Do note you can not use lift springs with standard SLS struts (Change to KYB excel G)**


2 inches is about as much as need really, any more needs the rear trailing arm repositioned with custom bracket.

done the odd lift with custom spacers & brackets for farmers & the likes.

Tyres are a good lift as gain on clearance of wishbone too plus most people wanting a lift want more biased off road tyre


Your sagging issue sounds like SLS rear struts may be faulty !

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That rather silly & unsafe. Part numbers below, easy cheap fix, you may want speak to springcoil,co.uk & order some custom spring rates & height to get bit of lift & match tow weight.


replace with KYB


part numbers below >

    Right Absorber KYB 334344

    Left Absorber KYB 334345

    Coilover Springs KYB RC6431



Links below:

Struts >



Struts option 2 (different seller, prices keep fluctuating)



Springs >


Springs option 2 (sold in pair)


Boot kit >


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