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early '96


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Hi all, I hope you've all had good weekends driving your Scooby's about.


I've had some slightly hard to take news this weekend from my car bloke/mechanic.  My bubbling rear panel on the recently purchased turned out to be far more than that, and it's rotten right into the arches.  He reckons I'm looking at about 30 hours work just on that.  Still, it's going to be done as I may only have had this car a few weeks but I'm already in love.  Besides, at the amount I'm paying him, I'm only adding value to the car.

It turns out I also need rear discs and pads, which is the main reason for my post. Despite extensive Googling, I cannot find reliable information on what size discs I need.  I don't want to order them before I'm sure.  


I've found some pages like this:



If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be really really grateful.  



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At a guess I'd say that you had a r160 hub running single pot rear calipers with vented rear discs [emoji6]

3 types of rear caliper/disc set up's on classics (years and models are approx)

Single pot rears with solid rear discs wrx's and uk's

Single pot rears with vented rear discs (grove in the caliper is wider to take the vented disc) 94 to 98 sti's had these .

98 onward sti's and type r's had a r180 rear hub and 2 pot rears (same as newage)

Give alyn @ as performance a bell cos his website is a bit button moon lol but he knows his scoob brakes and can supply pagid stuff at a competitive price .

or speak to him about a 2 pot rear conversion , mine cost me just under £200 including second hand calipers/discs with new pagid pads and ally conversion brackets from alyn .

Much better stopping power with the extra "pot" and bigger discs [emoji6]

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Thanks very much indeed Savage!   When I read about the possible one pot I did think about maybe going for an upgrade, especially as a novice driving a fast car and wanting to do some track days etc.  


If I decide not to go for an upgrade, having just been stung for the rust and still with a misfire under heavy acceleration at 5krpm to sort out, I might not fancy it, I'll have to have a good look at the ones on there so I know what to replace them with.


No images of your V1 to view?  I'm interested to have a look!  Where abouts in East Anglia are you?  Both my grandparents live near Sudbury and my cousins live in Bury st Edmunds.  I'll probably be heading down that way at some point this year.

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I'm about 25 mins from sudbury bud let me know if you're planning on coming down and I'll try to make sure I'm free fella [emoji106]

As for my scoob I think the drivers side plastic interior kick pannel is the only original part of the v3 uk left [emoji1]

I've got a build thread on here (it's pinned so doesn't always show up on tapatalk) it shows a bit of the solid single pot to 2 pot newage conversion and a few up to date pics

P.s my misfire went when I did a newage coilpack conversion and fitted new ngk 7's gapped at 0.7 [emoji6]

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Thanks again, that's really helpful.  Which NGK's did you fit?  Would you imagine that they would be the best bet for me too?  I know the car had a dump valve issue for a while, so that may have possibly added to the death of the current plugs.  


I'll consider a newage coilpack conversion then, I'll see how my mechanic feels about it as by looking on Google, it's a fairly involved job!


Going to have a look for your build thread now, cheers!

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There is a bit on the coilpack conversion with a link showing how to convert the "pigtails" to fit a classic engine loom , the conversion cost me £80 for the newage coilpacks with pigtails and about 2hrs to cut , splice, heat shrink and fit the coilpacks .

Plugs are ngk heat 7's don't know the part number I'm afraid but as long as their for a 2ltr turbo impreza they'll fit (ones for the 2.5 are a different length )

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Thanks, I've had a good look trying to find your build thread, but even clicking on your profile etc. I haven't managed to, could I have a link please?  If it's only £80 and 2 hours of time, I'll be doing that for sure.

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Amazing thread you got there Savage! I had a pretty decent read through of everything, although unfortunately there was plenty of detailed engine stuff that I simply didn't understand!


How could I be sure that one will fit or is it a fairly standard thing?  

This seems a good thread once I've actually got the pack, but not much of a buyers guide!


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V1 &v2 have separate coil packs on top of each spark plug (4 coil packs in total) which receive a hi spark from a igniter (behind the boost solenoid ) that gets a low amp signal from the ecu

V3/v4 have 1 coil pack in the centre of the inlet that receives a low amp signal from the ecu and generates a spark for all 4 cylinders

V5/v6 have 1 coilpack like the v3/v4 but it sits off center on the inlet.

Newage separate coil packs by pass the igniter and generate a strong spark directly on top of each spark plug.

just make sure you familiarise yourself with the link , are confident you can solder well enough and make sure you get the newage coil pack plugs with a long enough wire to splice.

I got my newage coilpacks and "pigtails" (plugs with wires) from

Matty @ mb developments (scooby breaker)

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Thanks Savage, that's helpful.  I'll be getting a hand from my mechanic, rather than diving completely on my own, but the more I can do, the better.  He's also more familiar with VW's than Japanese imports, but he will probably be experienced with it anyway.  


Were you not concerned with the make and model/part number of the actual coilpacks that you got from MB Developments then?  You just went with them?   From your post it sounds like newage separate coil packs are all much of a muchness and I don't need to worry too much about specifics?  


Sorry for all of the questions and being a total noob, I appreciate all of your input so much!  I've got the rust and discs to sort out at the moment anyway, so it'll be a while before I go for the pack, so I've time to keep reading up about it and finding the right ones.  Thanks again.

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I think newage 2ltr turbo coilpacks are the same , they definitely work on the same principal .

Generating the hi amp spark directly on top of the spark plug so less current is lost through the extra resistancethe longer length of wire causes used in the classic set ups .

As for the condition I've bought a few bits from mb and matty said they were from a low mileage standard wrx (I've got no reason to believe otherwise )

As for the discs just double check that they're the vented type and your better off to speak (rather than email) to either. .

Ayln @as performance .

or ian @goodspeed

As they'll be able to identify exactly what set up you've got to make sure you get the right parts .

And questions with answers make for a good source of info to help in the future (hopefully)

So your welcome [emoji106]

And if you can't find it with a quick search on here ,ask away bud cos I like to see early classic being saved and given a bit of tlc [emoji4]

I've read that the front wings are a close match to the profile of the rear arches.

Might be worth looking into too for the repair work (if they are the same )

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