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Interior Lights


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Hi, just took delivery of a 2015 XV 2.0D SE Premium DSL and even after reading the manual, I cannot find out how to set the interior lights to switch on when the doors are opened or when the ignition is turned off.

The manual has several diagrams of different types of interior lights fitted and instructions on how to operate them. The ones fitted to my car are described as Type B map lights in the diagram, but the instructions don't mention type B lights.

Tried messing about with the delay off time settings for the interior lights, but that didn't do anything. I could get the dealer to sort it as we have got to get the usb socket reattached, but I would like to sort it myself.

Any help would be welcome.



OK ignore all the above, this morning, after bh had left for work in the XV, It occurred to me that I might have missed something very obvious. So when she got home had a quick look inside the XV, and yes, there's a second interior light just behind the front seats :rolleyes: . Set the switch to the centre position and we have light when doors open etc :) . Hadn't noticed it before as it's out of sight when sat in the front seats.

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yeah, not the easiest set of instructions to read, seem to read in stereo.


Have you had the pleasure of pairing a mobile phone yet, such a pleasure



Manual is a nightmare, just seems to keep repeating itself. Found 'quick users guide' more informative on basics.

And when sat in front seats never thought to look behind me for a second interior light unit

Dealer paired phones for us when we collected car, although mine won't connect now, could be my phone, but as I don't get to drive it that much I'm not to concerned.

Cars going back to dealers Friday as usb socket fell apart and disappeared beneath centre console when bh unplugged her phone from it the other day.


Your getting better mpg than me, but still running mine in, only got 630 miles on it so far, hoping it will improve when run in. Or it might just be the way she drives it :)

Will have to look into linking my fuelly account to my posts.

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