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  1. Hi, I recently purchased a KAMEI 510 roof box from it's one of the larger boxes and seemed to rate very highly in the auto press reviews (it was the press reviews that made me choose it) I've only used it once so far on a trip from East Anglia to the Lake District, no problems with it, quiet and did not really notice I had it on in normal conditions, on the way home the weather was quite rough with high winds and heavy rain, the car I fitted it to is quite high (I need a small pair of steps to reach into it!) higher than an XV and cross winds affected the car slightly more but not worryingly so and it did not let any rain in. It seems a bit flimsy with the lid open, it opens either side, but once closed it's very rigid, key is held captive in the lock until the lid is fully closed when it auto-locks. I'm happy with it. One thing though, as it's so big and the car quite high it's a struggle to fit on my own, easy with 2 people.
  2. Mole

    Goodbye XV

    The rear bumper protector we had fitted to the old one defiantly saved the top of the bumper from getting scratched, so will get one fitted to the new car. Yep, nothing we looked at came close for comfort & features with AWD for the price. I like the changes to the new version, just hope the 'infotainment' system is better than the old one!
  3. Mole

    Goodbye XV

    After 3 and a half years we have decided it's time to replace the wifes XV, we needed a car that we could carry more in, so I changed my 2007 Forester for a 2009 Outlander, that meant we could change the XV for something smaller, but still 4WD. (it also had to have heated seats, preferably leather and a sun roof, apparently) So after 3 consecutive Saturdays going round dealerships trying an assortment of cars we have finally put a deposit down on........................ . . . . . . . . . . Yep the new 2 litre XV 😏 in metallic grey as in the picture. The only car that we tried that might have swayed us away from the XV was an All4 Mini. But to get a similar spec as the XV it would have cost a lot more. None of the other cars we tried came close. Hope to pick it up in 2 to 3 weeks time, just got to select some accessories like the rear bumper protector.
  4. Yes thought it was a bit strange, we had been out in it the night before, a 20 mile journey back home and I knew we had not left interior light on or any thing like that, so should have been fine. Looks like at least one cell has failed. Took micra out in the dark last night, wondered what was wrong with headlights, until I worked out they automatically dip when you stop, when you come up behind a car or when a car comes towards you, then go back to full beam afterwards!
  5. Well actually yesterday but.. XV wouldn't start in the morning, battery flat, phoned Subaru assist. Recovery guy jump started car and said battery required replacing. Phoned dealer they said battery would be covered by warranty, so ran car to dealership, they tested battery and confirmed battery had failed but they will not have one in stock until Wednesday, so got a micra as a courtesy car til our car fixed. Disappointed they didn't have a battery in stock, but at least I will not have to pay for a new one.
  6. Took the Forester in for it's MOT today..................Passed ............ first time with no issues. Not bad for a 10 year old, 108,000 mile car.
  7. Hi Chris Was quite nasty, fairly deep scratches in the plastic bumper, possibly done whilst parked in supermarket car park. Think it cost about £140.00 to put right, can't see where the scratch was. Only downside was having to get car to body shop and leave it there for a day.
  8. Just received spam email advertising Chips Away's services. In March last year we found that the front bumper on the XV had been scratched (see picture below), not sure how it happened. Chips Away couldn't repair it as it's pearlescent paint, got a local body shop to it instead. On another note, had the windscreen replaced, a very small, almost invisible chip, right above the windscreen wiper defroster element developed into a crack on the last frosty morning of this year.
  9. Hi, as Fastboy says, check coil springs, a broken one could be the cause of this. (once had a Golf which knocked from front when reversing due to broken front coil spring)
  10. just seen this, so thought I'd search internet. Nothing on UK sites yet, but a lot on Aussie sites. Was looking at one when chat box opens asking 'are you looking for a new car' Thought I'd just give a quick reply so said "No. In UK. Heard about XV recall, so just searching net for info" He reply's "Where are you, your'e showing as out side Australia" Er yes, read first post Anyway Aussie XV's affected were 2012, 2013 & 2014. Fix is insulation tape & foam padding to stop harness chafing. Mine was in for it's second service earlier this month, nothing said about a recall, so hopefully it's ok.
  11. Hi RichieT Already got one though I don't know if there's any more room in the back than the XV, I'll have to check sometime. I got the XV March 2015 for 'Mrs Mole'. She really likes it and so do I, great for the trips from Suffolk to Yorkshire we do. I had a freelander td4 commercial with the intention of upgrading it over time, but spent all the money, and more, I would have spent on upgrades just keeping it on the roadthis year I finally had enough and, as I like the XV, started looking at used Subaru outbacks etc, in September a 2007 Forester 2.0 XC came up for sale privately, not to far from me, one owner, full Subaru service history, just under 100,000 miles, new genuine Subaru clutch fitted & 12 months MOT, decided it was to good to miss so got it. Been really happy with it so far, couple of things I'd like to upgrade. Might even be able to afford to do them with this car!
  12. Looks interesting, we went from a nissan juke to a XV as juke wasn't big enough for when we go up to Yorkshire Dales, now thinking about getting a roof box for the XV as we seem to take even more with us now we've got a bigger car Will be interesting if this or something like it is available in 2019 when we plan to change the XV (but if we had a bigger car would probably just load it up more)
  13. Mole

    XV MPG

    Just had my 2015 XV serviced, 2nd service at 22,000 miles, (1st was done at 9818 miles 8 to 9 months after purchase when the service light came on) at the main dealer the car was purchased from. After both services 1 litre of Castrol Edge Professional LongLife III 5w-30 engine oil was supplied for use if engine needs topping up before the next service. Just checked invoice and 5.9 litres of the above oil is listed. So they can't claim it wasn't them that put it in.
  14. Not me but Mrs Mole, managed to run the battery flat whilst at work. She had used the car during her lunch hour and I think she accidentally turned the lights on after removing the ignition key. Got a phone call from her when she left work to say "car broken, all dashboard lights come on but only get a clicking noise when trying to start car" She had already contacted Subaru Assist (AA) they were with her within 10 mins and got her going again. He also checked all the tyre pressures as the 'flat tyre' warning came up that morning, they're all ok, if it comes back the main dealer can look into it as it's booked in for it's 2nd service week after next.