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Anyone know about mk4.5 transits?


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Engines to be more specific ?

Mines developed a coolant leak from the front of the block, just looks like a big plate is attached to the front behind the pulleys? Seems a bit odd but I've no dealings with the new duratorque units

Can't get it looked at till Thursday it doesn't loose that much so I'm topping it off daily,

Want to prepair and sort out hire vans if needed, is it an engine out job ?

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Nah 60plate.

Technically mk 4.5 but pub terms mk6

One withbthe bigger light cluster at the front.

Cheers rick company dictates it goes to Ford so I'm not expecting it back for six months haha

Pic not too good but here's the leak


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Yeah mate but it gets paid for by the company so all I do is fill up on fuel card and drive till it goes wrong, which to be fair I've had it 3 years and this is the 1st thing. My dispatch was another matter haha !

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