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Subaru Car Cleaning kits.


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ooooook so im totally out of all of my cleaning stuff now, and im looking for something new, ive tried the G3 stuff and was happy with it, Tried autoglym and its ok, and then i tried Megiaurs again ok. I'm looking for a full cleaning kit really something where i dont have to buy all the extras and have a budget of around £80.


Im looking for a kit that consits of the following:




Tyre Dressing

Interior Cleaner

and maybe engine cleaner


Ive seen a few and have contemplated getting Dodo Juice for a while but in two minds at the moment. what would you guys suggest.

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Chemical Guys - Premium Blue Wheel Cleaner

        Dodo Juice - Blue Velvet (30ml)

        Chemical Guys - Stripper Scent Pocket Sized

        Victoria Concours Kit

        Size - 3oz

        Autoglym - Metal Polish

        Dodo Juice - Born Slippy 500ml


Bit of a mix match but after spending over an hour scanning forums ive decided to give this lot a bash, also rang 3 mates that have used various pieces of what i have ordered. All this was bought from Clean your car Tom :) was comparing prices and although eBay doesnt have the VAT on for some of the kits, dodo juice is still a fair old whack on the bay.

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