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2009 White Subaru Hatch STI 330s


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I'm just testing the water at the moment to see if I get any interest, I'm thinking of selling my Subaru 330s, As I'm looking to buy a diesel. I do a lot of commuting and I need something a bit cheaper on fuel. So I think It's time to part ways with my baby :(



She's a 2009 Subaru STi 330s, 46k miles with full Subaru service history up till the last service I just had, Which I got done by a trusted garage I use. (please note the miles with go up as It's used as a daily)


10 months MOT


I have just had a new stage 1 Exedy pink box clutch fitted by Triton Subaru Services, (all receipts included)


330s alloys powder coated in black.


The car has always been run on V-power.


The car is fairly standard.


Modifications -


Stainless steel turbo back decat exhaust system,  

EBC Yellowstuff pads front and back,

mud flaps

wind deflectors


I do have a brand new front mount intercooler kit for the car that I have no yet installed. That I will include with the sell if sold for asking price. 


Like all cars there is a few minor things that could do with replacing, The rear tyres and brake discs. Apart from that the car runs sound and smooth with no smoke or noises.


Asking price £14,000


I will get some better pictures of her on the weekend, as I have didn't have time tonight.


If there's anything I've missed or you' would like to know send me a message or a text on 07932035176.







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God please forgive my sins. And give me some luck this Friday on the lottery ball's. Can't believe you're selling up [emoji54] I'd snap your hand off if I could [emoji22] just hope it finds a good home if you do bring yourself to part ways. preferably mine :) 

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