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OBDII reader for iphone

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Hi all


I want an OBD reader thats Bluetooth and connects to iphone


I have had a look at the other thread but there appears to be a big variance in what model to buy, ie wifi and Bluetooth.


there also seams to be a variance on which model does what- do some only to torque ?


I have an iphone 5s the info so far appears to be on andrioid


Once again sorry for the newbie questions

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Ok so i ended up buying a Acer Windows Tablet that works


The only program i can find that works is a program called OBd dash pro:




There are so many options i have no idea what i am doing, what are the main things i should be looking at using ?

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Thanks, bought a dongle just now but from a UK seller, for the price of a Beer it's nothing to really worry about but nice to know its easy to swop if it doesn't work etc.

I downloaded Dashcommand as Matt posted the pics above, it's free anyway but if there's a better app I can download that, no issues buying the app either

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I'm afraid I can't help as not used dash command, although I know some of them do struggle to communicate with the dongles as they are only really cheap copies, but for a fiver it's worth a punt,

There may be settings in the dash command app to make it talk better to the dongle.

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