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Decats / Tune

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Hi all


Looking at potential mods for the future, I say future as I only just got the car and there are so many things I want for it lol.


Was looking at mapping and have found that the tune will be best with a decat / sports cat. My question is, does both cats need removing or will it gain good results with just removing one cat, if so the downpipe one or the centre cat? 


Also with the decat itself, I have seen some japspeed ones for quite cheap are these any good? I currently have a custom made cobra cat back (no centre silencer) and in my opinion it sounds just right, not too loud not too quiet with the right burble. Will adding decats make it a lot louder?


Finally, has anyone used open source remaps before? I quite like the idea of having launch control and not paying hundreds for a licence! 


Thanks in advance all!

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Removing one will make a difference as it is improving flow - removing both with be the most beneficial - or replacing with a sports cat. If it was me I would remove the 2nd cat (closest to back box) just for ease of replacement - you are just mating up to one old surface instead of two.


You will notice a change in exhaust note if you remove the cats - but there is nothing to stop you putting them back - if you like the noise as is but want additional performance go for a sports cat replacement and remap over a complete de cat

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