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hurst cars


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Only heard bad thing's mate I've never used them myself though just what other's have experienced. From faulty cars aggressive after sales response. Was the main reason's. But I always think people are quick to complain. But would be enough to put me off. But I'd go and view see how they come across if I qas already view say a private one in the area.

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Right done some digging there is a Hurst that does sell subarus in Bedford from his home. Now he seems to have good feedback he might have a plot now on an industrial estate but anyway not a matter. But yes if hes called max he's got good rep for selling them. But the same confusion I had Hurst the car dealership has bad rep lol. Hope that helps some what. But ring him up see if he's called max

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That's not the place I think ash


You are right it's not...If you read the reviews they are talking about Minis, not getting a drink when they visited, servicing issues and one mentions "Charles Hurst Nissan"  :D 


I'm not defending them by the way. 

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so the other nite i gave hurst cars a email

 i am very interested in the impreza uk300 you have for sale
just wanted to ask you a quick question if you don't mind ive noticed
some of the uk300 they have there number put on a plaque inside of the
car but the car you have for sale doesn't do you have any other proof of
the car limited edition number
thanks adam 


and here is there reply Hello Adam,

yes we have the limited edition number
service history book as well as the prodrive certificate as evidence. It
is certainly a genuine UK300. Thanks.


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