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Legacy Outback Oil Change 2.5

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Looking for views here; I want to change oil and filter on my 05 Outback. The video tutorials here have helped me work out where the filter is (neat!) but I have seen posts which suggest that the engine shouldn't be fired up after the refill without turning over a few times (300 is mentioned...) in order to prime it and protect big ends, etc.


Is this neccesary/helpful? The tutorrials don't mention it. Mine has done 107k so is relatively young. I have also noticed a very slight oil leak, nowhere near the filter area; haven't had the drip pan off yet, but any areas I should check first for possible leaks? It's very minor, never seen a drip on the floor.


This car is just about perfect for me and I want to keep it properly!


Thanks for help

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Dry cranking is advised but not essential (i take no responsibility if you try and engine gose pop though) as if your just doing a straight swap all the oil won't have worked it's way out of all the jurnals and oilways, and there should still be a film of oil on the bearings

It's easy enough to pull the crank sensor off and turn the engine over a couple of times though if you want to do it, my mechanic swears by, it so i do it when i do an interim change,

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If it's the same layout as the rest of the subaru engines then yes, have you spied it between the alternator and belts just sat on top of the block at 90°

Your supposed to be able to get your hands in to release it but you must have tiny hands, I find taking the two ten mill bolts out of the belt cover and rotating it upon the alternator bolt gives more room but pliers & a screwdriver come in handy for me to hold the clip down then wiggle off

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