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Bug clear indicator lenses


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Gutted :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  just been looking in bedroom,wardrobe,under bed even!! all those man hiding places......


Been in garage and its chocker from studio equipment,fought through it(no easy task) and stll can not find the box with them in :(


Located the oe set or orange ones,not the clear as i bought clear,then within days i bought smoked and swapped out so not even used for long(day or 3 so as new)..


If i come across them,its bothering me now :lol: as i would not sell them or throw them out,only possibility is they have been thrown out by accident in garage clear out before loading with studio stuff(unlikely imho).


They are yours for free if found anyway,wont give up yet unless someone has some for you.


Why is it i find the old orange ones and not clear :angry:


Cheers ven

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Haha I commend your caving efforts ! I've lost few bits at the mo in my basement doing my head in can't be far but they have just 'dissapeared'?

I have orange ones at the mo 230a2faf492f311b9211b0b15aba1a10.jpg sorry best pic I have without getting soaked, everything else is clear except the sides ? what year is yours ? I've been told it should be a straight swap but I'll remove mine in a bit to see,

Thanks for the offer I'll PayPal something to you for postage at least.

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52 plate,


ones i ordered pre smoked are



Come with orange bulbs.


So annoyed  :angry: like i say,if i find them ,they are yours


Need to think..............dangerous i know :lol:  I looked in boot before in my little plastic tool case............nope :(


I am sure i put them upstairs out of the way with the oe ones! 

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tbh i preferred the smoked,not too dark and would suit your dark green well(clear may stand out a bit)





Next to each other



Not too much difference,just a little more discrete


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In hand,top clear,bottom smoked but its not a real dark smoked(if makes sense).


I guess at the colour(slow colour) making it look different and in the light,where as the in hand pic is shadowed by me(blocking a little light)


Other angles show





imho smoked would look better,little cleaner on the sides,clear do seem to stand out quite a bit(not as much as orange though)


Not sure which the smoked are tbh,i just ordered them and the plastic pattern was different to the clear lens pattern. 

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Just been back in history to last year,checked bought item,clicked on shop and found same 



Might be a generic lens pic , BUT iirc they had sold out thinking back.


They messaged me saying they had that type not  in stock but will not charge the £2 extra cost over the ones i paid for.........if makes sense.


Either way,i was happy with the smoked ones i received,would have been happy with either as i did not look too much into the patterns.

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