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uh oh! MOT time


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just picked the outback up from its MOT - passed, phew!


unfortunuately looks like theres a few bits that I going to need to attend to soon though.


exhaust (rear flange) and hangers corroded  - theres no blows, and hangers can probably be re fabricated, but where is the rear flange exactly (I havent been under the car) is it the dreaded Y section?


Then up the the front suspension, both sides lower, rear bushes are wearing , and front ARB to subframe bushes worn - this probsbly accounts for the knocking from the front end.


My general approach to car maintenance is to replace with either oem or upgrade and I am thinking whilteline for the suspension bits and bobs. Is it worth replacing the suspension arm front bushes while Ive got my chequebook out? Oh and do the whiteline kits deal with both sides per kit or do I need one for off and near sides?

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If its the whitline arb bushes ones for about 15 quid it's both sides, double check what you have on the car 1st as I ordered a pair from the catalogue and they were wrong shape & size only found out when I went to change them. I needed to get some classic impreza shape ones to fit my foz.

If it's the arm bushes I think you can buy them all separately lower front/ rear and n/s o/s so be careful to order the correct ones again I wouldn't take the whiteline catalogue as gospel

The rear flange could be where the exhaust hangs onto the rear of the subframe however I'm sure the outback guys will point you in the right direction

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