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  1. sawman

    Outback 3.0R for sale

    yes, long gone sorry (missing it quite a bit!)
  2. sawman

    Outback 3.0R for sale

    PRICE DROP - £2750
  3. sawman

    What is spec 'B'?

    I am reasonably certain that spec b related to legacy not outback - the bilsteins sit the car lower and firmer, possibly only available as manual. of course there may be a JDM variation. I expect the SI mapping modes may have popped up around 2006-2007
  4. sawman

    What is spec 'B'?

    iirc spec B relates to bilstein shocks and a sportier set up legacy. The difference between R and RN is nav. I dont think I would bother with nav on a 10 year old car, as I suspect they may not have been updated regularly and your phone app is likely to be more up to date
  5. sawman

    Outback 3.0R for sale

    Heres some more pics. There is a small stone chip on drivers A pillar which probably needs attention but this is the only significant blemish I am aware of. Also shown is stainless exhaust
  6. due to the imminent arrival of a cheap lease car from work, I need to move along my trusty outback to a new loving owner. The car is a 2007 3.0R auto. this is the facelift model with the SI modes (eco, sport and sport sharp) I have had it for 4 years, it now sits at 105k miles and I have done about 70k of those miles. The car has been solidly reliable in that time, and meticulously maintained with a service every 6 months. It has a stainless powerflow cat back exhaust, this gives a much better sound track, but it not obtrusive. It had a new radiator earlier in the year together with suspension bushes up front. At the last service the serpentine belt was also changed. It has new rainsport 3 tyres all around. I had a towbar fitted when I bought it, I can testify that it has only been used for a cycle rack and towing a lightweight sailing dinghy. Cosmetically the car is in good condition for the year, there are a couple of stonechips on the front as you might expect. Bright silver paintwork with black leather interior. All the usual refinements are present and in full working order (even the dome light). Unfortunately because its a 2007 car, it carries the higher RFL tariff. It cas managed 26.5mpg overall in my ownership. I have advertised it on pistonheads yesterday at £3299, but I am open to offers. I will add more pics over the next days or so.
  7. sawman

    Selling my 2005 Outback 3.0 RN

    Roger, I am just in the process of putting my 3.0 on the market, theres an ad on pistonheads just now, but I need to take some pics. its a 2007 3.0R 105k miles meticulously serviced, on new tyres, has a stainless powerflow exhaust. £3299 (ono) - I have a cheap lease hybrid golf heading in my direction....
  8. sawman

    Outback 3.0 '03-'09 Buying advice

    not been on the site for a while, My 2007 3.0R has just clicked over 100k miles, I have had it for nearly 4 years, it had less than 40k on it when I took it on. It have been totally reliable, having just had service items, in addition to front suspension bushes and drop links, an a new cat back exhaust last year. With regards the flappy paddles, I sometimes use then for a bit of engine braking into roundabouts etc, mine is in the higher tax bracket and comes wth the SI modes, sport sharp is entertaining, i is supposed to be an economy mode, but it doesn't make more that a couple of mpg difference. I keep wondering if i should move it on, but its such a competent and useful tool, I am struggling to find anything better
  9. I have uniroyal rainsports on my 2007 3.0r outback (automatic transmission) currently, they have been great but due to some front suspension issues the fronts are badly worn (shoulders), whilst the rears are not so bad. The suspension issues will be resolved next week, and I need to replace the front tyres, It has always been my understanding that with the AWD set up I need to do all 4 at the same time, last time I changed all the tyres were pretty evenly worn so it was a no brainer. So is there a concensus, should I bite the bullet and do all 4, will my transmission eat itself if I just do the 2 cheers
  10. All sorted, no dramas with codes, just need to set up the radio presets cheers all
  11. Cheers, am i going to have to re enter alarm or radio codes? Or is there enough residual charge in systems to keep things ticking over?
  12. I fear my battery is needing change, its not completely dead, but is stuggling to keep up on datk rainy days. So rather than get stranded I'll replace. Does anyone know what size? and any recommendations before I just head to Halfords? The car is 2007 3.0R Also is there any special precautions I need to take when changing the battery - the last car I changes the battery on was a Morgan, with a CVH carb engine - so no electronic systems to worry about Cheers s
  13. sawman

    New Outback H6 Owner

    cheers, looks good, just planning ahead, good to know there is decent local option
  14. sawman

    New Outback H6 Owner

    apologies for the slight topic derail, but have you got any pics of the replacement exhaust, David?
  15. sawman

    uh oh! MOT time

    just picked the outback up from its MOT - passed, phew! unfortunuately looks like theres a few bits that I going to need to attend to soon though. exhaust (rear flange) and hangers corroded - theres no blows, and hangers can probably be re fabricated, but where is the rear flange exactly (I havent been under the car) is it the dreaded Y section? Then up the the front suspension, both sides lower, rear bushes are wearing , and front ARB to subframe bushes worn - this probsbly accounts for the knocking from the front end. My general approach to car maintenance is to replace with either oem or upgrade and I am thinking whilteline for the suspension bits and bobs. Is it worth replacing the suspension arm front bushes while Ive got my chequebook out? Oh and do the whiteline kits deal with both sides per kit or do I need one for off and near sides?