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Kent meet. Saturday 4th April, 3pm


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We have gathered enough interest to get the Kent regional meet up and running. Special thanks to papa bear for doing his research into our location.

Now it's time for the first meet at the Wharf in Dartford(full address to follow)
The pub hosts a full bar and restaurant that serves hot and cold food with a good reputation for a nice dinner. Plenty of seating so feel free to bring along the family. There is a children's play area just outside too.

Along with the rules the pub has given us I'd like to add a few more.

1. Keep the car park tidy
2. Use the pubs facilities
3. No loud revving of engines inside the car park
4. No idiotic behaviour

I'm sure we all know the basics and I'm sure we will adhere to them. Remember we want to keep this meet going for a long time.

I've set the time for 3pm this meet as the evenings are still a little short and it allows a bit of time before we all need to get back for dinner. If anyone wants to arrange a convoy meet just add below and I'm sure we will figure it out. Hope we have a good turnout! See you all soon

The Wharf
Cotton Lake
Galleon Blvd

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