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Legacy 3.0, Legacy Spec B or an Outback H6- opinions please?.

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Hopefully when we get straight financially ( not too long now ) I will be looking for another Subaru Estate as I am still missing my Forester 2.5XT.



Would have to be pre 2006 before the road tax costs went over the top.




Liking the idea of a legacy estate or an outback maybe but not sure whether they would be better than my previous Forester ( which was excellent to drive).


Probably would prefer the larger 3 litre lump without a turbo rather than smaller engine with big turbo


They seem to offer similar power and economy figures.




I believe that the Legacy 3.0 has a 6 speed manual gearbox whereas the Forester and Outback only have a 5 speed gearbox, ( correct me if I am wrong ).

Does the Legacy also have a chain instead of a cam belt?.




Compared with the legacy 3.0 R what extras does the Spec B legacy have in terms of instruments, handling and driveability please?.



One more thing- I would prefer it  to be silver because we all know that silver cars look faster. :)




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Speaking from experience, my 3.0 outback has 5 spd auto box, is chain driven and has returned 26mpg since I got her in July-14.

I'd imagine the legacy 3.0 lump to be chain driven too.

Love my outback....super smooth, effortless delivery of power without the long term maintenance costs of the belt driven models. Obviously I'm biased though [emoji6]

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Haven't really considered an automatic as I am used to driving vehicles with manual gearboxes.



I once owned a Volvo V70 T5 which was automatic.

It was smooth and nice enough to drive and quite fast with allegedly 250 BHP but I never felt in full control being an auto.


The gearbox developed a fault whereby it was stuck in third gear and Volvo quoted £3700 for a new gearbox ( car wasn't worth that ). We had it reconditioned for £1700 with a 12 month warranty then sold it a couple of months later.


Does the Outback generally handle as well as the Legacy?.  


My Forester XT used to handle very well considering the extra ground clearance.



I am hooked on having another Subaru having had to sell my Forester prematurely so am slowly saving up.

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Thought I'd give you my limited knowledge on the spec b and out back, having owned both, Really enjoyed my outback h6 it was a 2003 red over gold, powerful, but softer handling, brakes weren't brilliant ,but enjoyed the whole experience , Then I bought my 2007 legacy spec b R auto ,( high road tax but you can't put a price on happiness) what a different experience , bilstein suspension , prodrive exhaust, now full stainless, paddle shift with I drive, fantastic performance ,had small remap, to smooth power curve, highly recommended , The only difference I think is the suspension set up and bigger brakes, I think all around 256 bhp before mods, happy to let you have a go of it, the spec b, fantastic handling some say it's to hard, but to quote a famous film (POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL) Spider-man I think ? What ever you buy ,enjoy it, they're different tools, for different jobs,

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