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  1. No Longer Available. Thank You I have surplus to requirement a set of Five 17" Subaru alloy Wheels with tyres which were fitted to my old 2005 Forester 2.5 XT. The alloy wheels are in decent condition but do show some signs of Lacquer peeling and have a few marks here and there ( see photos attached ). Four centre caps included. The tyres are in very good condition and have lots of tread left ( see photos ) more photos showing tread depth available. Thank You
  2. Black and Orange would look good in my opinion.
  3. Was this classed as a Cat D or Cat C by the insurance company? I personally wouldn't pay £2700 if it was a Cat C or D but might be worth watching and bidding, could go for much less than £2700 If you fancy a Legacy Estate have a look at this one but it may end up being above your planned budget:-
  4. That sounds like a good price, especially with relatively low mileage. I used to own a Forester 2.5XT with PPP kit but unfortunately had to sell her due to unforeseen circumstances. I now own a Legacy Spec B Estate which I find to be more refined and much quieter at cruising speeds. When I bought her she had a custom made ( noisy ) exhaust but now she has a much quieter CAT back Stainless system from Tony Banks. My Legacy Spec B has the H6 engine and 6 speed STI type manual gearbox. The engine is normally aspirated but has plenty of low down torque but really storms into life above 3900 RPM. The Spec B is averaging 27 MPG overall and can get around 32 MPG on a steady run which is good for a 3 litre petrol lump constantly driving all four wheels The handling is excellent for an estate with Bilstein suspension I find much less body roll than the Forester which has more ground clearance. One small thing that I find unusual is that on the Spec B the clutch engages high up on the pedal travel but there are no signs of slipping or wear. The previous owner said it had been like that for all the years that he had owned her. My other vehicles clutches engage much lower down. The Forester XT definitely looked more sporty and had better acceleration due to the excellent Turbo but was quite noisy especially with the wind noise at cruising speeds. Wouldn't mind having a try of a Spec B with a custom Turbo fitted, must be good for 350 - 400 Bhp I imagine. Good Luck and I hope that you choose a Legacy Spec B. Reliable, reasonable economy considering the specifications and a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing
  5. Hope that they manage to find the person responsible for this and that you get the Subaru sorted out. Shouldn't this be classed by the police as a " failure to stop following an accident where damage has occurred "? As mentioned, I would save up and then get a Dash Cam for future peace of mind. I won't drive my cars without a Dash Cam being fitted nowadays. My employers have multiple dash cams fitted to all of their fleet and this has saved them an absolute fortune against bogus accident claims and crash for cash scams. Good Luck.
  6. I borrowed a 2006 VW Passat 2.0 TDI as needed transport whilst I was without a Subaru earlier in the year. She was well used with 182,000 miles on the clock but had been maintained well. Believe it or not, she was quite economical for a fairly large and heavy car and the 2.0 TDI ( 140 BHP ) pulled well enough too. On a run she was averaging over 55 Mpg and I got @ 700 miles from a tank full of diesel. Road tax was £180 per year. The last tank full provided me with 630 miles worth which included @ 300 motorway miles and the rest was short journeys of @ 5 miles each way, to and from work. Not as much fun as a Subaru but more practical for high mileage usage. Another option might be get your Subaru converted to LPG. Not sure of the conversion costs but those could be offset against the costs of having to purchase and to tax and insure another car. Good Luck
  7. Hopefully getting a new Cat Back Stainless exhaust manufactured and fitted tomorrow. We will have the choice of different tail pipes and also can choose the loudness of the system. Choices are:- Quiet as a mouse. Mid Range, where you can hear it on acceleration. Sporty. Heavy Sports sound. I should probably prefer the quiet system as the one that came fitted to the Legacy was quite noisy especially under acceleration. Must ask the experts which one would be best for performance without upsetting the neighbours when I set off for work at 23.30. Choices choices. :)
  8. Update. Have had two quotes for a S/S Cat Back System. Prices range between @ £300 to £640. No one seems to be able to get an ' off the shelf ' standard exhaust for my Legacy, that's why the prices are so high. The local Exhaust centre will patch weld the 'Y' joint and fit two short lengths of pipe for £100 or custom build an Aluminiumised one for £300 Basically a new ' Y ' joint with @ 6" of pipe / sleeving up to the first bend in each of the tail pipes and enough to sleeve the ' Y ' joint over the through pipe, I am thinking that patching up for £100 could well be a false economy as the rest of the piping may perish at any time in the near future. Any remaining old pipes aren't covered by a warranty so could end up costing another £300 to £400 for a new system within months. Not planning on selling her any time soon so looks like a Stainless System, just need a few more competitive prices.
  9. Update. Phoned the local exhaust specialist this morning. Normally quote very reasonable prices. They asked me if I wanted a Standard exhaust or a custom made Sporty one then went off to work out prices. Around 40 minutes later they phoned back and I was shocked. They could not get a silencer from any of their suppliers until next week and it would be @ £300 for a standard ( Aluminised ) exhaust. :o Subaru prices were rather exotic. They could custom make a system for around the same price. They did say that if I take the vehicle in they would have a look at maybe prepping and welding two new back pipe sections on and creating a new ' Y ' joint flange for @ £100. Tony Banks quoted £299 for a Cat Back Stainless system including fitting. Can't get an answer to my phone call from the nearest Longlife centre. Will try again tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the reply david1972. Just checked and our nearest Longlife supplier / fitter is in Farnworth which is @ 14 miles away so not too far. I will give them a ring tomorrow morning for an estimate, I am working nights at the moment. I have also been looking at Tony Banks which is based near Leeds and will ask them for a quote also. Have any of our members had a system made up and fitted by these people? I am looking for a quiet or medium sounding system assuming that the quiet system will not affect performance. Hope to have a system fitted before Christmas Eve. My other option is just to get a mild steel one made up at the local exhaust specialist
  11. Thanks stants. At the moment it is looking like just the section from and including the ' Y ' joint is wrecked so took it all off. The exhaust actually sounds much quieter now. Sounds and looks similar to this :- I will price up a standard system from a local exhaust specialist then compare the price with a Stainless system. Don't want anything too loud, the one that has fallen off was a little too loud really :)
  12. Dropped my son off at college this morning no problem. I have to drive over countless speed bumps and potholes around our area. The exhaust, which to be fair was quite rusty and has now separated completely at the ' Y ' joint ( see photo ). Should I just get a standard replacement exhaust or go Stainless please? Can anyone recommend a system and a supply and fitting company in the Greater Manchester area please? How many £'s will we be looking at having to spend to replace the full exhaust? Thank You
  13. Ebay item number:- 111569377612 99p including fast delivery. Could be better if the cables were a little longer but works just fine.