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Hello All! I'm a massive Subaru fan.


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Hello everyone! Thought I'd show my face on here as well. Currently an active member on the RB5oc and Surrey Scoobies site, and a bit on ScoobyNet - which is where I found a link to here.

I've had this for 7 years now.WP_20140906_12_46_11_Pro_zps319a11a0.jpg

My first Subaru, and the one I have always wanted. It has recently had a full respray and arch repairs (the picture is when I picked it up from Scooby Clinic), and it has just had the wheels refurbished back to the original colour.

Have had a fiesta as a second car for about 18 months, to keep the miles off the RB. But, started a new job last May, and qualified in November, so bought this.


Had it 4 months now, and love it. It is the daily drive now the fiesta has gone.

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Hi mate welcome along  :) 

more than welcome to jump on and get to know everyone friendly bunch on here as it should be :) 


And In have to say I'm pretty jealous right now looking at the picture. I like them both alot :D  

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