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What oil do you suggest?


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Looking to change the oil in the scooby over the next week or so when I get a Saturday off at work and was just wondering what are people's suggestions to put in her?

52 plate wrx with various additions and running a healthy 315hp and is running a vf35 if it makes any difference to best result.

Invoice for last oil previous owner put in was for Silkolene PRO S 5w-30 Ester synthetic high perf oil from Opie Oils.

Should I go the same stuff again or are there other options people would suggest?

Appreciate any help or advice on this as not totally sure which way to go with her.

Thanks in advance peeps :)

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In fairness I've just gone through more of the invoices and the previous 5 have the same make but are as you say 5w-40 so little confused why went to a 5w-30 on the last one.

Yeah may well give them a call tomorrow to see what's the best option.

Just thought id ask to see what others are using too as have never used Silkolene myself in the past on other cars so a new one for me.

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That's cool. Thanks mate.

The old blue one, unfortunately I did yes. Wouldn't buy another one from him again.

No this is for my new wagon which I now have, just want to keep all as nice as I can with this.

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Ah. Not good mate.

Don't want to go into it on here really but yes the car wasn't as advertised and had some serious issues that shouldn't have been left S they were.

Either way, it's moved on as have I and I now have something much better and to my liking.

Hope you get things sorted with yours mate.

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