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Small Dents in my Boot


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Hello all,


I have a few small dents in my rear bumper, as if someone has sat on it or the previous owner has reversed into something. 


I will get some pictures up but basically the back bumper needs some straightening. 

dents probably an inch wide and pushed in a few CM at max  


there is no damage to the paint work btw. 


anyone know anyone in the Doncaster Sheffield area who could help. also anyone have any guess at the cost to fix them? 


Kind regards


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Just gone out, its smaller that i described.


one main offender and then the rest just doesn't look straight as if its a bit rippled. 


Ripple look:



Main dent (Hard to see, not that big ... just annoys me)


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Thanks man :) any idea on a price? 

Just thinking is it worth doing, I mean its no terrible thing but its just a shame when the rest of the car is in such good nick 

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Not sure of cost, but they seem able to repair almost any dent, without the need for paint, and pretty quickly too, so should not cost too much. I always park at the far end of supermarket car parks these days, after one car was hit by a high speed trolley, and a door dented. Well less than £100 to sort out, plus a small touch up of a scratch. Amazing what they can do with a few tools!

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If you find a friendly independent garage locally that does some crash repairs, they usually let you know who they use because they usually don't like dealing in it because car services are easier money.

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Paintless dent removal doesn't work on resin bumpers only on metal panels.

Chips away type repair guys would be able to do it, they'd sand it back, use a resin filler and repaint the affected areas, normally £80-100 per dent/chip.

Body shops would charge upto £250 a panel so would expect it to be around that area. Other option is to find a pristine replacement bumper in same colour or get one that needs a re spray.

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