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Tyres - where on car?


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I've two Bridgestone tyres on the rear and some harder cheapo hedge-finders on the front.

I noticed today that these Bridgestone rear ones are relatively soft in tread compared to the front ones.

Also, the two rear Bridgestone ones are pepper-potted with small stones and I even found the end of a nail in the rear left - they appear to be picking up LOTS of road crap and imbedding it in the tyre's surface on these rear ones!

I believe it's because they're softer, and although the WRX is asymmetric 4-wheel drive, the main tyre drive is on the rear ones.

So, should I have the cheaper harder tyres on the rear?

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I've just fitted 2 new firestone firehawks on the front and the best of the ying sing ditch finders on the rear .

As I'd sooner loose traction at the back and still be able to point it in the right direction by having good traction at the front [emoji6]

Once the rears are worn I'll switch the firestones to the back and fit new ones on the front

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