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Legacy 2.5i - 2008 - What to look for when buying?


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I'm interested in buying a 2. hand legacy from between 2008 and 2010, preferably the 2.0D and if I can't find that, a 2.5i.


My question is, what do I need to pay extra attention to, on those models? I have been told that some of the 4. and 5. gen engines have had some problems, but I have no idea if theres anything to it.


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Hello welcome,

One of the legacy owners will be along to point you in the right directions as to what to look on them.

There have been problems with the diesel engine. A Google search of subaru glow plugs should bring up loads of info

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I think it was the gen 4 auto boxes that tend to be a bit weak... I could be wrong though!

Although generally just the usual stuff; service history, rear arch rust, cambelt etc.

I think for what it's worth, you may as well get the petrol... There's only about a 10mpg difference, considering the price difference from petrol to diesel, would you be saving that much in fuel?

I think all cars have their horror stories, so I wouldn't take all bad stories that seriously.

A looked after legacy will go on forever!

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