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Forester rear trailing arm bushes

Rick 2014

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Just get impreza ones of the same year mate,

Whitleine, super pro and powerflex all do them. Think at lezst one does whole kit for two hundred notes, both trailing arms front and rear, new trailing arm to hub bolts and top caber bolts with bushes for the top

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SuperPro do the bushes to but prices generally high


Another company I have recently used was StrongFlex


they do different hardness (shore grade) bushings, they in Poland & do full range for SF forester prices are sensible. You can find them on eBay but they not listing trailing arm bushes but might be worth contacting seller & see if can ... >



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^ Lateral link or trailing arm in this case, think it down to Polish translation :-S

Tie bar is actually a bar that ties left & right lateral links or wishbones together via subframe bush bolt or close to the bushing mount.

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Its the 271151b im after.So im looking at roughly £16 a side

Actually better than that, prices are euro by default, if select GBP-£ currency they are £10.22 each, 3to5day airmail shipping £4.11

Used them for rear 'front' trailing arm & front 'front' wishbone bushes, prices are good & bushes equal to others I have seen with same 2 part with metal centre pin design.

Have PayPal on the ste too so easy to purchase ...

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you want 271149 then ?

They £8.43 each



Want check long bolt will come out as sometimes they seized solid & you need both lateral link bushes & new bolt as need cut the bolt both ends.

Have had one that had hub in tub of duck oil for 2 days then left in press with 15tonne pressure on saturday afternoon & had moved bolt shaft by monday morning, most not that bad though ...

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