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Forester S Turbo stuttering under accelleration


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Slight problem with my W reg 2000 Forester S turbo manual / petrol.

Occasionally not always but under acceleration it stutters almost like a misfire.

Changed air filter , fitted K & N Panel filter , tightened up all hose connectors and cleaned electrical connectors.

Car will run fine then out the blue stutter for a minute then clear and run for day or two no problem

Returning good mpg around 28 mpg / starts straight away / no smoke from exhaust / idles fine without rev counter moving and generally does what i ask of it. Not using any oil nor water / just done 300 mile trip ok.

Baffled though by this stutter.

Instinct says fuel starvation but its had a walbro pump fitted just before i got it.

Any suggestions appreciated ?


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Tesco momentum 99 is good :-)

Check ecu fault codes out of interest, being a W(99) & if this a UK car you have a chance of possibly using OBD cable as yours could have the OBD2 style plug which actually wired for ssm2 & that works with ISO9141 KKL OBD cable & freeSSM software


Leads would be good to inspect or replace & not overly expensive.

When you say happens under load, would it be always under reasonable amount of boost ! resistance is higher due to pressure & spark blow out can occur under boost if ignition parts not up to scratch.

Lots of other possibilities, knock sensors quite common but more diagnosis needed really ...

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spoke to last owner who said it occured very rare but thought it was plugs so got garage to change leads and plugs together

 i have full service history so been looked after in its life

odd fault because it runs so well and ive been on two long trips to get it really warm and performs well

the fault is intermittent and not full on every day

going to check all electrical connections in case a loose connection

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