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lumpy idle/stalling


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as the title states i'm having issues with my turbo 2000 every time I pull up at the traffic lights ect and dip the clutch (or when it's in neutral and rev'd) the rev's dip to almost nothing and quite often completely cuts out i'm guessing that the MAF sensor is almost if not completely knackered as i have unplugged and the rough idle/stalling is no longer present (apart from the occasional splutter which i believe is my spark plugs needing replacing)


so i have a couple of questions:


1: will it do any harm to the engine if i run it without boost (as without MAF connected the "check engine" light comes on and cuts power at around 2500-3000 RPM which i assume it's effectively "limp"mode)


2: is it possible to get a map done to eliminate the need for a MAF sensor completely 


3: is it possible that all that it needs rather than replacing the MAF sensor could i clean it and see if that makes any difference also what would i use to clean it i have some cleaner would that be suitable see link for exact cleaner i have




thanks in advance for any and all input and advice i've had the car since last june and only had it up and "running" for the last few weeks.

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Sounds like maf or idle control valve. But could be a few thing's. But sounds very much like maf. When the mafs unplugged it puts it into limp mode. So I'd stay off boost. The idea is so you can get to the garage. [emoji20]
As you said limp mode.

Yes a map can remove the maf for you [emoji106]

And for me cleaning the maf has never worked you could try it but i've read it's so sensitive. Like a fat woman about her weight in KFC ordering a family bucket by herself It can do more harm than good. But if its gone for sure then no harm trying it I guess lol. [emoji6]

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