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Hey all Newbie from Leics


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Hi all,


Always had a thing for the Scoobs and I'm at a point where I'm finding it's now or never to get one.


Thought i'd pop along and see what was on offer and learn a little about common problems and what to look out for when buying.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)


Cheers all, look forward to having a look. 

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Hello mate welcome to S.O.C 


Please feel free to jump in on the threads great friendly bunch on here. So any questions ask away. but I'd make another post :) 


Also might have read this already but worth a quick read of all the posts. 


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Hi guys,


Thanks for the welcome  :) Ill check out that buying guide could be useful!


As for budget etc etc. at the moment i'm looking at around 1k or less mark. I know hat this is most likely on the Mount Everest side of Optimistic ha. Basically my current motor was tanked by an Arctic the other day and is undergoing assessment for damage. Most likely it will be a write off. So until everything comes through I won't know for sure. Could be more hopefully.


I don't mind a bit of a project. I'm not a total muppet when it comes to basic maintenance and repairs such as servicing, changing over suspension, exhausts etc etc. and age/mileage doesn't bother me as long as it runs ok and reliably.


Petrol or diesel, again I'm not particularly bothered as long as it goes like stink and is Turbo'd. I will be using it to motor to work and back which is a 36 mile round trip 21 days of the month. 


My last 3 cars have been total and utter turkies and I have lost thousands. So I'm now in the mind set of 'sod it...lets play' :)


Cheers guys

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I think if you only want to spend 1k you might end up with another turkey


if you are doing 36 miles a day, a turbo will cost about £8 - £10 in fuel, so about £200 a month in fuel


if you can afford £200 a month in fuel and insurance, buy a cheap diesel and run that for 6 months or so and then save up. if you have 2k more you will be able to find a decent one, with decent history and has been looked after, and it will have less chance of being a turkey


no offense to anyone, but some of the 1k cars will be bought by council estate cru wanting summat well fast innit. and then when it comes to maintenance or mods, corners and costs are usually cut. 'my mate says it doesn't need a remap, cos it's got a self learning ecu' or 'my mate can remap it for £50 and it will be well rapid bro'

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I know what you mean bud, I think if all fails and I don't end up getting a good payout then I'll probably steer clear of the scoobs as like you say i'll most likely end up with a turkey again. If all goes well and I have 2k + then ill definitely look for a scoob :) 

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