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Looking to buy first Scoob ;)


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Hi all,


Few guys asked me in my noobie thread what I was after in my next motor so thought I'd post it here.


Any advice I could get would be fantastic. I've loved scoobs since I was a kid and now find myself in a position where I could potentially own one ;)


so here is a few point that might help you guys out when advising....



At the moment i'm looking at around 1k or less mark. I know that this is most likely on the Mount Everest side of Optimistic ha. Basically my current motor was tanked by an Arctic the other day and is undergoing assessment for damage. Most likely it will be a write off. So until everything comes through I won't know for sure how much I'll be getting if anything. Could be more hopefully.



I don't mind a bit of a project. I'm not a total muppet when it comes to basic maintenance and repairs such as servicing, changing over suspension, exhausts, replacing interiors, minor electrics such as SMD/HID conversions etc etc. and age/mileage doesn't bother me as long as it runs ok and reliably.



I'm not particularly bothered as long as it goes like stink and is Turbo'd. I will be using it to motor to work and back which is a 36 mile round trip 21 days of the month so economy could be a factor, but at the end of the day I'm aware Scoobs aren't the greatest when it comes to fuel consumption.


My last 3 cars have been total and utter turkies and I have lost thousands. So I'm now in the mind set of 'sod it...lets play'  :)


Cheers in advance guys



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I'd be wary of anything less than a G, it will need money spent on it and probably had a few careless owners though they are out there for that price. Be prepared for 20mpg, and anything more you can be pleased with!

insurance can be expensive depending on age, experience and model/modifications.

As it will be a classic check for rust and bad mods, slipping clutch etc etc theres plenty of buyers guides.

If you go into ownership knowing its going to be more expensive than a normal saloon you shouldn't be too disappointed, expect to run it on a budget and you will be.

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You want a good turbo for less than a grand ??

My list is simply a wish list. As I said Mount Everest of optimism. I'm hoping all being well I'll have a decent amount to sink into one. But if all back fires then I suppose its back to saving the pennies and looking down the back of the sofa. 


I'm open to the fact its going to be thirsty and cost me. I used to own a 2.5L Hilux pick up fully kitted and modded years ago and that drank fuel, but like I said I've had enough of doing the 'sensible' thing and getting bent over a table, so my view now is get something not so 'sensible', I might actually get lucky this time.


In terms of the non turbo engines, as I know that having this luxury is going to cost, what is the performance like of these and can they be modded decently/safely to be quicker and have more torque?

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