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Non existant knowledge of Subaru and engines in general

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Hi All, I'm a new owner so hey! I've recently purchased a 08 reg Subaru Legacy 2.0D REn - I was wondering, and please excuse my lack of knowledge and complete ignorance, what would be the best and most suitable option to increase torque and give the girl a little more bite (I say a little more because I wasn't expecting the engine to be as responsive and agressive as it is, that being said I still want more!).



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Hello & welcome feel free to get stuck in and have a poke around,

The only option really is to get a remap which will cost a fair bit and won't make massive increases. Maybe a free flowing panel filter and get rid of one of the cats with a performance exhaust

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Thanks Stants - I will have a poke and hopefully get some more knowledge behind me :)... thanks for the advice, I'll have a little look around... I spoke to some people about remapping - and to get an increase of +35bhp they were charging me up to £600 and I'm finding it hard to get anything cheaper.

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500-600 seems about right, as if you go to the well respected subaru tuners you'll pay for a licence for the map plus dyno time & mappers time.

There is an open source software called carberry that is a bit cheaper, I guess it would work on yours, maybe worth enquiring about that too

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