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whats the best year range foe a Forester 2.0 or 2.0 turbo auto or man


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Yes they reliable.

Buy a good example & they super reliable.

Get a manual, 2003 to 2005 SG models are good, newer models not so good.

Generally the 2.0XT is easier find in clean order & you far smarter buying say a 2004 model with low mileage & FSH & impeccable order over newer models at close cost.

Even a late SF model low mileage example could be considered as the SF foresters are absolute solid with all fit & finish being very durable. Regular oil change with a quality full synthetic is a must .

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I have purchased a 05 plate 2.0 xt 4 weeks ago and I am very happy with it, one owner with Subaru service history mainly although a little sketchy towards the end and bodywork that shows evidence of its life in London shopping car parks but nothing serious.

It does everything I want it to, easily accessible boot, comfortable, stacks of grip and although it an auto still quicker than it looks across roundabouts as I can tell by other drivers faces when they think oh I'll just jump in front of this old slow 4 wheel drive thing.

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If you really like autos go for auto, generally autos even easier find as cleaner & less abused.

If you want bit of performance then the turbo is a must & you may find 2.5 to non turbo 2.0 a bit lacking .

Trick is using perhaps local dealer examples as bit of learning ground on confirming it what you want & base idea what they should be like then widen search a bit. If not brash & take little bit of time you can get real clean fsh 2.0xt, the non turbo models tend be harder as get more abused one way or the other as such a versatile wagon.

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depends on reason of failure.

Good sign of poor servicing or cheap oil.

common problem is filter built into banjo bolt for oil feed blocks & restricts oil so the oil feed needs checking before bolting new turbo on or new turbo will be dead in few miles.

Used turbo not too expensive & can be quite cheap repair if know a good turbo rebuild specialist.but to play safe put £800 on it, used decent turbo could be £200, good one if you like spanner work yourself, would want everything else A1 on the car though or you off to a bad start :-/

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i have driven many auto's over the last 25+ years and both my Forester's a 2003 (200.000km) and a 2006 (200.000 miles) have the best auto box by far.


but i do like the 2006 more as the mirrors are bigger and like the smaller fog lights, but that's personal.


the 2003 i had in Australia was a 2.5 n/a and do like that engine more then the 2.0 n/a i have in the 2006. the 2.5 n/a had more grunt and a nicer sound at ticking over.

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