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Towing caravan with XV


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Does anyone tow a caravan with their XV? What does it tow like? Thinking of rejoining the mobile roadblock brigade, and must decide on using the XV (when it arrives) or the girlfriend's Hyundai.

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Get out!!!!!


only joking, no I don't tow a caravan, petrol or diesel? I imagine the diesel will have more low end grunt.


Only thing I would say is with Subarus tendency towards their cars having clutch shudder I'm not sure how or if that would affect it. certainly never seen an XV towing anything but imagine it could, it has kerb weights in the manual.

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It will be the petrol CVT, which has a 1200Kg limit (less for 80% calculation), so it will only be a small caravan. Looks like it is the g/f who will be getting a towbar fitted, as her wagon is much heavier and bigger

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