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Hi everyone,new to the soc,just awaiting port clearance of my 2000 gtb e-tune legacy tourer,cant wait,any info on fog light and speedo conversion would be great,someone told me you can convert one of the reversing lights so as not to stick an after market light on the bumper,any one done this?


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Hi there yes just done it as a personal import,did a few about 10 years ago,thought id have another go,allways fancied a gtb,how easy is the mod .did you do it yourself?

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Nice !

Matt's been looking at bringing a car in himself, what kind of ball park figure was the import cost, If you don't mind me asking?

Mine was done By the previous owner/importer looks like the feed was taken from the steering wheel then run along the floor and to the light cluster, I'll have a look at dinner

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Welcome to the forum.

That would explain my lack of reversing light!

That looks very nice, I do like the a white legacy- although I'm glad mine isn't, it'd be filthy!

I agree black and white cars are both nice but sods to keep clean :( 

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Bit late sorry about that,

And quite messy, the back and white ones at the top of pic run to the dash and the rest have just been vampire clipped off the rest of the lighting loom.

So the black is ground and the white is live, (switched) and looks like it clips into the standard reverse light so I guess that the bulb was changed and the feed taken. There was a tow bar installed so most of it is useless.


At the dash end I have a switch on the panel above your knee and it feeds off the ign live and the lights plus a ground

Hope it helps

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